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Greg Scheer knows a thing or two about insurance.  We have provided quotes for thousands of happy customers from all areas of life and for all the right reasons.  We specialise in tailor made insurance quotes for your home, car or yourself and we like to think that we add a little more of the personal touch to it than the rest because we are big on family and togetherness.

Check out our home insurance

A house is not a home until you can rest easy knowing that everything is covered and that is exactly what our suite of home loans is for.  We have home loans that are as unique as the house you will be living in so why not get a quote from us today and see how much you can save?

Take our car insurance quotes for a spin

Cars are meant to be taken care of and with our range of car insurance you can really do just that.  You never need to worry again about expensive repair jobs with Greg Scheer and our car insurance quotes, your safety is our passion.

At Greg Scheer insuring you is paramount.  We specialise in making sure we always get you the best deal and the best quote possible for any of your insurance needs.