A farmers market, an arts festival, a community gathering to sell handmade crafts and recipes.

Community parks and city streets are often the host to festivals, markets and shows that feature delectable foods, fun-filled games and amazing works of art.

Your booth is set up and you're ready to peddle your wares. Do you have the insurance you need? Nationwide can help.


Why do I need liability insurance?...

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Football, baseball, basketball, soccer and more. From little leagues to adult leagues, today's amateur players are practicing hard, playing strong and having fun.

Sports tournaments and events require significant planning, organization and teamwork. It takes more than a winning team and a great turnout for a safe and successful season. Are all of your bases covered? Nationwide can help.

Why do I need liability insurance?...

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Baseball, football, basketball, soccer and more. Community teams of all ages can be seen practicing at ball parks and recreation fields. They may be amateurs, but they take competition as seriously as the pros. They practice hard and play strong to win the trophy!

As a league organizer or manager, you may not be in uniform but you definitely shoulder a lot of responsibility for your league's safety and success. It's important to...

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Malfunctioning equipment, slippery floors, a ball through a window, even an unexpected mishap when we've turned away for just a moment. Accidental injuries and property damage can happen to anyone at any time, regardless of their cautious attempts to prevent them.

If you are involved with amateur sports teams, own or operate a small business, are an independent contractor or a short-term event coordinator of any kind, you need to know...

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Business liability insurance is something you cannot do without. As someone who runs a business, you are familiar with the day-to-day uncertainties of small business management. Isn’t it nice to know that you and your business can depend on premium business liability insurance from Nationwide?

Nationwide understands you need complete business protection not just your “one size fits all” coverage. We cover medical expenses, attorney...

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